about us

We extract and select raw materials from regional fields to create Farm to Factory chain

At Aloefield, we value product quality through selection of best ingredient, and materials. We combine that together with closed – end supply chain network comply to international standard in order to deliver the optimal palate of freshness and natural taste while still retaining the nutrition of ingredients.

Good for health

Extract from natural ingredient with full of nutrition such as aloevera, bird ness, Winter melon

High Quality ingredients

With Farm to Factory supply chain that satisfy the freshness of the product as well as imported ingredients from EU, Japan, USA.

State of art

Well understanding of the production process and technology that enhance and preserve the taste and nutrition within each ingredient

Freshness palate

Nothing better than a freshness taste that refresh the whole palate and cooling.

Our Favorite Product

Aloevera drinks

Cultivated directly from Aloevera farm and combining with other fresh tropical fruit and nutritious natural ingredient to create an amazing product that deliver fresh and cooling experience in tropical weather!

Birdnest Drink

Collecting from natural source of Vietnam Birdnest to deliver the nutrious product that enhance your health and lifestyle.

Energy Drink

Imported material from manufacturer in EU, Japan, USA that bring quality energy to quality activities.

coconut drinks

Bringing a new flavor to the menu with fresh coconut to create a friendly, happy and nutrious experience.


Refreshing with fruit juice line of products that captivate the entire tropical fruit in Vietnam

Qualtity Commitment

We commited to quality product and process through acceptance of hereunder organization and institution


Add: 19B/2A Binh Dang quarter, Binh Hoa ward, Thuan An commune, Binh Duong province

Email: sales@aloefield.com.vn

Hotline: 098 4904 339