Fresh mango juice drink

CertificationFDA, HALAL, ISO2200 ( FSSC22000,GMP,HACCP )
Manufactured byAloeField Beverage Co.,Ltd
Minimum Order Quantity200 cartons
PackagingAluminum can
Volume250ml / 330ml / 500ml
Shelf Life24 Months
Payment methodL/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
Primary IngredientFresh mango juice
Storage instructionsKeep in a cool, dry place
Supply ability300 Twenty-foot containers per month

Benefits of Mango Juice Drink

Enhance eyesight

The ingredients in mango juice contain a lot of vitamin A, so mangoes have good vision enhancement effects, in addition, the lutein in mango also helps protect the eyes from ultraviolet (UV rays) from the sun. Heaven works.

Beneficial for diabetics

According to medical experts, mango juice is believed to be beneficial in treating diabetes, while at the same time it also limits the complications of the disease. Just drinking mango juice every day will help the patient’s condition change significantly.

Effects of supporting digestion

In addition to the cardiovascular benefits, the abundant fiber present in mango juice is also a good source of digestive aids, helping to improve constipation. Furthermore, the beneficial enzymes in mango juice are also effective in treating dysentery and urinary tract infections.

Helps improve the brain and improve memory

For those who work with the mind, or have a nervous breakdown, mango juice also brings many benefits to the brain.
Mango juice contains more vitamin B6 and amino acids will help improve memory, stimulate brain activity and maintain focus. Besides, mango juice also helps prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s disease – Dementia syndrome common in the elderly with high efficiency.

Prevent the risk of cancer

Soluble pectin fibers account for a fairly high proportion in the composition of mango juice, so drinking mango juice regularly can reduce the risk of cancer. In addition, vitamin C in mango juice also helps to protect the cells in the body from the harmful effects of free radicals and prevents cancer growth.

Skin beauty

Vitamin C is always the most important ingredient in beauty ingredients for women. Therefore, mango juice is considered an indispensable drink for girls.
Vitamin C present in mango juice supports collagen supplementation, making the skin always healthy, beautiful, and firmer. The substances zeaxanthin, lytein – antioxidants present in mango juice will help protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun.


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